Knowledge Organisers

All children will be provided with a paper copy of the Knowledge Organisers each half term when they begin a new unit in History, Geography or Science and Religious Education.

The Knowledge Organisers include facts, dates, characters, quotes, definitions and important vocabulary. Students will use these Knowledge Organisers in lessons and they give children a chance to do some further research and reading at home.

Over time, students will build up a core bank of facts and vocabulary that will help them excel in their achievements and understand the world around them. The revision and learning of the Knowledge Organisers will also help students embed their knowledge and support them as they access more complicated content in later years.

We hope the Knowledge Organisers will also support parents who would like to find out more about what children are covering in their lessons.

The documents below show examples of the essential knowledge that your child will need to know as part of the new topic they will be studying in class. These Knowledge Organisers are also designed to be used at home by parents to help children learn the information contained within. We want every pupil to be able to recall the information on these sheets off by heart by the end of the topic.

Each week, the teacher will set a small section of the Knowledge Organiser to be learned by heart for homework. This knowledge will be tested in class at some point over the following week.